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Either way I lose / Go away, stay away // Stop and get a hold of myself / Who knows

ESRF 1683   Columbia

1964   biem

I heard it through the grapevine / It's time to go now

FT 112   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

The end of our road / Don't let her take your love from me

FT 122   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

It should have been me / You don't love me no more

FT 137   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

I wish it would rain / It's a summer

FT 146   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

Keep an eye / Didn't you know (you'd have to cry sometime)

2C006 90137   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

(thanks to Vincent)

The nitty gritty / Got myself a good man

2C006 90520   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

Friendship train / Cloud nine

2C006 90762   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

You need love like I do (don't you) / You're my everything

2C006 91345   Tamla Motown

1970   biem

(thanks to Harry Van Vliet)

If I were your woman / The tracks of my tears

2C006 92107   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

I don't want to do wrong / Is there a place (in his heart for me)

2C006 92599   Tamla Motown

1971   sacem

Thank you / Daddy colud swear, I declare

2C006 94649   Tamla Motown

1973   sacem

(merci à Vincent)

Where peaceful waters flow / A perfect love

610 121   Buddah

1973   sacem

(merci à Inoxydable)

I heard it through the grapevine / Friendship train

2C008 95500   Tamla Motown

1974   sacem

(merci à Vincent)

Loves finds own way / Better you go your way

640 060   Buddah


Sorry doesn't always make it right / You put a new life in my body

BDA 140 353   Buddah

1977   sacem

(thanks to Harry Van Vliet)

The one and only / Pipe dreams

BDA 113   Buddah

1978   sacem

Save the overtime (for me) / Ain't no greater love

A 3314   CBS

1983   biem/stemra

Licence to kill / + PAM

257 544   MCA

1989   sacem

Best thing that ever happened to me / Midnight train to Georgia

15087   Carrere

1990 ?   sacem

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