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You're a wonderfuk one / Stubborn kind of fellow // I'm crazy' bout my baby / Pride and joy

ESRF 1522   Columbia

1963   biem

What's a matter with you baby / Deed I do // Once upon a time / Squeeze me

ESRF 1605   Columbia

1964   biem

(merci à Vincent)

What's a matter with you baby / Once upon a time

SCRF 781   Columbia

1964   biem

(merci à Vincent)

How sweet it is / One of these days // Try it baby / Can I get a witness

ESRF 1629   Columbia

1965   biem

(merci à Vincent)

I'll be doggone / Walk on the wild side // Baby don't you do it / Forever

TMEF 509   Tamla Motown

1965   biem

(merci à Vincent)

Ain't that peculiar / She's got to be real // Pretty little baby / Now that you've won me

TMEF 519   Tamla Motown

1965   biem

Take this heart of mine / Little darling (I need you) // One more heartache / Night life

TMEF 532   Tamla Motown

1966   biem

(merci à Vincent)

With Kim Weston: It takes two / I want you' round // What good am I without you / It's got to be a miracle (this thing called love)

TMEF 546   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

(merci à Vincent)

Your precious love / Ain't no mountain love

FT 108   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

If I could build my whole world around you / If this world were mine

FT 117   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

You / Change what you can

FT 119   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

Ain't nothing like the real thing / Little ole boy, little ole girl

FT 128   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

You're all I need to get by / Two can have a party

FT 142   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

Chained / At last (I found a love)

FT 147   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

Keep on lovin' me honey / You ain't livin' till you're lovin

FT 148   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

(merci à Vincent)

I heard it through the grapevine / You're what's happening

FT 153   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

That's the way love is / There goes my baby

2C006 10371   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

Good lovin' ain't easy to come by / Satisfied feelin'

2C006 90077   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

Too busy thinking about my baby / Wherever I lay my hat (that's my home)

2C006 90210   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

What you gave me / How you gonna keep it (after you get it)

2C006 90921   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

How can I forget / The end of our road

2C006 91060   Tamla Motown

1970   biem

What's going on / God is love

2C006 92316   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

Mercy, mercy me / Sad tomorrows

2C006 92667   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

Inner city blues / Wholy holy

2C006 92928   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

You're the man (part 1) / You're the man (part 2)

2C006 93490   Tamla Motown

1972   sacem

Let's get it on / I wish it would rain

2C006 94586   Tamla Motown

1973   sacem

I heard it through the grapevine / Can I get a witness

2C008 95497   Tamla Motown

1974   sacem

I want you / I want you (instrumental)

2C010 97148   Tamla Motown

1975   sacem

Got to give it up (part 1) / Got to give it up (part 2)

2C006 98932   Motown

1977   sacem

Pops, we love you / Pops, we love you (instrumental)

2C008 62318   Motown

1979   sacem

(merci à Frédéric R.)

A funky space reincarnation (part 1) / A funky space reincarnation (part 2)

2C008 62359   Motown

1979   sacem

Ego tripping out / Ego tripping out (instrumental)

2C008 83393   Motown

1979   sacem

Sexual healing / Sexual healing (instrumental)

A 2855   CBS

1982   biem/stemra

Praise / Funk me

101 445   Motown

1981   sacem

(merci à Vincent)

I heard it through the grapevine / What's going on

101 854   Motown

1983   sacem

I heard through the grapevine / Wherever I lay my hat

ZB 61347   Motown

1984   sacem

Sanctified lady / Sanctified lady (instrumetal)

A 4894   CBS

1985   biem/stemra

The world is rated X / The world is rated X (instrumental)

ZB 40689 promo   Motown

1986   biem/gema

I heard it through the grapevine / I can't get a witness

ZB 40961   Motown

1987   biem / gema

Got to give it up (part 1) / The star-spangled banner

ZB 43559 promo   Motown

1990   sacem

(merci à Frédéric R.)