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Too many fish in the sea / He's a good guy // You're my remedy / As long as I know He's mine

ESRF 1609   Columbia


(merci à Vincent)


I'll keep holding on / No time for tears // Danger heartbreak dead ahead / Your cheating ways

TMEF 518   Tamla Motown

1965   biem

Don't mess with Bill / Locking up my heart // Please Mr. Postman / Playboy

TMEF 527   Tamla Motown


The hunter gets captured by the game / When you're young and in love // He was really sayin' something / I need someone

TMEF 547   Tamla Motown

1967   biem


My baby must be a magician / I need someone

FT 118   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

Here I am baby / Keep off, no trespassing

FT 136   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

Don't mess with Bill / The hunter gets captured by the game

2C008 95008   Tamla Motown

1973   sacem

Please Mr. Postman / Playboy

2C004 96360   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)