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Without the one you love (life's not worth while) / Love has gone // Call on me / Baby I need your loving

ESRF 1613   Columbia


(merci à Vincent)

I can't help myself / Sad souvenirs // Ask the lonely / Where did you go

TMEF 511   Tamla Motown

1965   biem

Something about you / Love feels like fire // It's a same old song / Your love is amazing

TMEF 522   Tamla Motown

1965   biem

Reach out I'll be there / Until you love someone // Shake me, wake me (when it's over) / Loving you is sweeter than ever

TMEF 535   Tamla Motown

1966   biem

Standing in the shadow of love / Since you've been gone // Helpless / Just as long as you need me

TMEF 537   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

Standing in the shadow of love / Since you've been gone

TMF 1007   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

Bernadette / Brenda // I got a feeling / Then

TMEF 545   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

Is there anything that I can do ?

TMF 1010 promo   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

7 rooms of gloom / Darling, I hum our song // I'll turn to stone / Is there anything that I can do ?

TMEF 551   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

(merci à Ian pour la première pochette)

You keep running away / If you don't want my love

FT 106   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

Walk away Renee / Your love is wonderful

FT 121   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

If I were a carpenter / Baby I need your loving

FT 125   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

Yesterday's dreams / For once in my life

FT 141   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

I'm in a different world / Remember when

FT 149   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

What is a man / Don't bring back memories

2C006 90196   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

(merci à Vincent)

Don't let him take your love from me / The key

2C006 90816   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

Barbara's boy / Look out window

2C006 91154   Tamla Motown

1970   biem

It's all in the game / Love (is the answer)

2C006 91425   Tamla Motown

1970   biem

It's the same old song / Everybody's talking

2C006 91598   Tamla Motown

1970   biem



(Thanks to Pol for a second sleeve)

Still water (love) / Still water (peace)

2C006 91849   Tamla Motown

1970   biem

I'll try not to cry / One more bridge to cross

2C006 92814   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

Mc Arthur park (part 1) / Mc Arthur park (part 2)

2C006 92859   Tamla Motown

1971   sacem

Simple game / You stole my love

2C006 92903   Tamla Motown

1971   sacem

(merci à Vincent)


I am your man / I cannot quit your love

2C006 93477   Tamla Motown

1972   sacem

Keeper of the castle / Jubilee with soul

2C006 93987   Tamla Motown

1972   sacem

(merci à Laurent E.)

Ain't no woman (like the one I've got) / The good lord knows

2C006 94214   Probe

1973   sacem

Are you man enough / Peace of mind

2C006 94544   Probe

1973   sacem

Sweet understanding love / Main street people

2C008 94882   Probe

1973   sacem

Reach out I'll be there / I can't help myself

2C008 95011   Tamla Motown

1973   sacem

One chain don't make no prison / Turn on the light of your love

2C008 95400   Tamla Motown

1974   sacem

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with : One chain don't make no prison

SP 335 promo   Pathé Marconi

1974   sacem

Seven lonely nights / I can't hold on much longer

2C004 96634   ABC

1975   sacem

Reach out I'll be there / I can't help myself

2C010 95011   Tamla Motown

1975   sacem

The show must go on / Runnin' from your love

49330   ABC

1977   sacem

When she was my girl / Let me see you free

6180 054   Casablanca

1981   sacem

Back to school again / Rock-a-hula-luau (summer is coming) (sung by all comedians)

2090 575   RSO

1982   sacem

Sexy ways / Body & soul

ZB 40255   Motown

1985   sacem

Reach out I'll be there / Standing in the shadows of love

ZB 41943   Motown

1988   biem / gema

Curiosity, from Madagascar, 1971.

Paru dans Pop Music n°26, 1970.