Don't wait up for me / Walking out on love

8135   CBS

1979   sacem                                       

Differnet kind of girl / You and I

8381   CBS

1979   biem/stemra

(merci à Oursonsun)

Rock'n'roll girl / You and I

8526   CBS

1980   biem/stemra    


The kids are the same / It's just a matter of time

A 2061   CBS

1982   biem/stemra

All over the world / Give me the drugs

CL 0021   Closer

1984   sacem   

(pochette papier ou glacée / paper or glossy cover)                                     

Let's go / She says she loves me

BANG 11   Pop The Balloon

1999   (no logo)

Gatefold sleeve of BANG 11

Paru dans Best

Paru dans Best