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Where did our love go / He means the world to me // I'm giving you your freedom / Run, run, run

ESRF 1573   Columbia


Baby love / Standing at the crossroads of love // When the love light starts shining through his eyes / You bring back memories

ESRF 1594   Columbia


Come see about me / Always in my heart // You can't do that / Ask my girl

ESRF 1605   Columbia


Stop in the name of love / I'm in love again // The man with the rock and roll banjo band / Baby doll

TMEF 504   Tamla Motown


Back in my arms again / Whisper you love me boy // (Ain't that) good news / Cupid

TMEF 510   Tamla Motown

1965   biem


Nothing but heartaches / He hold his own // Mother dear / The only time I'm happy

TMEF 515   Tamla Motown

1965   biem

I hear a symphony / Chain gang // Shake / Honey boy

TMEF 520   Tamla Motown

1965   biem

(merci à Vincent)

My world is empty without you / Any girl in love // He's all I got / Everything is good about you

TMEF 526   Tamla Motown

1966   biem

Love is like and itching in my heart / With a song in my heart // A lover's concerto / Wonderful wonderful

TMEF 531   Tamla Motown

1966   biem

You keep me hangin'on / Remove this doubt // You can't hurry love / Put yourself in my place

TMEF 536   Tamla Motown

1966   biem

(merci à Yves M.)

You keep me hangin'on / You can't hurry love

TMF 1008 promo   Tamla Motown

1966   biem

(merci à Jed)

Love is here and now you're gone / You're gone (but always in my heart) // There's no stopping us now / Love is in our hearts

TMEF 544   Tamla motown


The happening / I guess I'll always love you // All I know about you / Mother you, smother you

TMEF 550   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

Reflections / Going down for the third time

FT 103   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

In and out of love / I guess I'll always love you

FT 113   Tamla Motown

1967   biem

Forever came today / Time changes things

FT 124   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

Some things you never get used to / You've been so wonderful to me

FT 139   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

Love child / Will this be the day

FT 150   Tamla Motown

1968   biem

with the TEMPATIONS: I'm gonna make you love me / A place in the sun

FT 154   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

I'm livin' in shame / I'm so glad I got somebody (like you around)

FT 155   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

with the TEMPTATIONS: The way you do the things you do / I'll try something new

2C006 90153   Tamla Motown

1969   biem


The composer / The beginning of the end

2C006 90183   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

(merci à Vincent)


No matter what sign you are / The young folks

2C006 90271   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

Medley: Aquarius -Let the sunshine in / Let the music play

2C006 90424   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

The weight / For better or worse

2C006 90605   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

with the TEMPATIONS: Uptight (everything's alright) / The impossible dream

2C006 90818   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

Someday, we'll be together / Honey bee

2C006 90902   Tamla Motown

1969   biem

Up the ladder of the roof / Bill, when are you comin home

2C006 91227   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

Eveybody's got the right to love you / But I love you more

2C006 91686   Tamla Motown

1970   biem

Stoned love / Shine on me

2C006 91999   Tamla Motown


with the FOUR TOPS: River deep mountain high / Together we can make such sweet music

2C006 92086   Tamla Motown

1971   biem

Nathan Jones / Happy (is a humpty road)

2C006 92497   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

I'll try not to cry / One more bridge to cross

2C006 92814   Tamla Motown


(merci à Vincent)

Automatically sunshine / Precious little things

2C006 93457   Tamla Motown


Stop! in the name of love / Baby love

2C008 95010   Tamla Motown

1973   sacem

(two backsleeves exist)

I'm gonna let my heart do the walking (stereo) / I'm gonna let my heart do the walking (mono)

SP 489 promo   Tamla Motown

1976   sacem

I'm gonna let my heart do the walking / Color my world blue

2C010 97769   Tamla Motown

1976   sacem

You're my driving wheel / You're what's missing in my life

2C010 98361   Tamla Motown

1976   sacem